2nd African Islamic Fintech Summit - African Financial Inclusion in the Digital Era

Event Type        Sponsorship

The 2nd stopover is in Senegal (Dakar) where the initial discussion in SAIFI (Tunisia) will be extended and the main theme “Africa & Financial Inclusion: How Islamic FinTech would support” will be tackled by concrete initiative and clear agenda. The choice of Senegal is strategic given the fact that this country is showing a big interest to become the capital of Islamic economy in West African region prioritizing the adoption of an inclusive digital economy via new technologies, funding support, and the means to scale up solutions that work.


SAIFI (Dakar) serves as a linkage platform helping African Islamic FinTech to transform their innovative ideas into projects with impact.This event will include keynote sessions, key stakeholders, regulatory panels between government agencies, financial institutions and startups.



Senegal , Radisson Blu Hotel - Dakar


29/11/2019 9:00 AM