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The platform will be the first of its kind fully digital Platform deploying the state-of-art FinTech technologies to accelerate knowledge sharing, market assessments, and specific deals for boosting national economic development and strengthening the capacity of private sector to support financing of SMEs.

ICD takes the lead in launching such a platform network to demonstrate productive applications of FinTech in modern global business affairs, to help reduce financial transaction costs for its member banks, leasing companies and micro-finance institutions and to upgrade the advisory services that ICD offers to its partners across the Islamic developmental network. 




Financial institutions are now able to communicate their proposals directly with the concerned department in ICD following the below steps. Submitting the proposals should be according to the criteria determined in the target market sheet specific to each service and the associated eligibility criteria.



1- Choose the service you are interested in below

2- Download,fill and save related document

3- Send your request and ATTACH  the saved document


1- Offered Services 2- Related document 3- Send your request
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